Our Club

St Peter's Iver Football Club was started in 1996 by John and Sharon Plasket.  We began with only a handful of children attending the weekly training sessions. This grew slowly until in 2000 we were able to form a team. The team was entered into the under 10’s division of the Chiltern Churches Junior Football league. Gradually, thanks to the support of the parents and the children, the club grew and we were able to run teams at other age groups.
The foundations and ethos John and Sharon laid down were:

  • Children need encouragement and motivation in order to develop their football skills.
  • We will employ the latest training techniques to develop the children’s football techniques.
  • We will help children develop social skills, which goes beyond sport, and makes them more rounded individuals.
  • We will encourage them to respect each other and treat everyone the way they wish to be treated themselves.

Our aim is to have a strong underlying philosophy of making football coaching possible for children of all ages, irrespective of their ability, within the constraints of space and coaches that we have available. We strongly feel that coaching should be accessible and enjoyable to all that take part.

In 2009, John and Sharon stepped down from the club, and Nick and Louise Jones became custodians of St Peter's Iver FC. Their hard work has ensured we now have a dedicated team of coaches and volunteers to help run the club. Everyone connected to the club are all parents and volunteers give up their time freely. Nick and Louise have respectfully ensured the club ethos remains the same today, as it was when John and Sharon formed St Peter's 20 years ago.  At the end of the 2015/16 season, Nick and Louise stepped down from their roles, leaving the club in a very healthy position. The 2015/16 season was one of the biggest and most successful in our history. We owe huge gratitude to Nick and Louise for their leadership throughout their 7 year tenure, and as a result of their guidance, we now cater for children from 4 up to 16.

Eddie Embleton was club chairman for the next three years until the end of the 2017/18 season.  With the assistance of may volunteers, Eddie continued to successfully guide the club During his tenure, the St Peter's Crusaders team won the Cup three years in a row and Eddie won the title of “Coach of the Year” for the season 2014/15. This is something he is very proud of, but he isn’t one to broadcast this achievement. Embarrassingly for Eddie, his team printed a T-shirt with “Coach of the Year”, which he reluctantly wore every week.  

During the 2018/2019 season, James Fox will be taking the chairman role and we will be provide coaching for eight junior teams competing within the Chiltern Church League as well as providing training for U6s.  We will continue to provide a safe place to play football for approaching 150 children in the local area.